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CWM Environmental to expand with construction of new building.

East Franklin-based company continues to grow after multi-million dollar contract.

CWM Environmental located in West Hills Industrial Park in East Franklin Township, recently purchased an additional 4-1/2 acres of land in order to construct another building. Since inking a $4 million contract with Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority in November, CWM has added more than a dozen employees and plans to expand further as 2018 progresses. CWM Environmental is in, “rapid growth mode,” and does not have any plans on slowing down through 2018.

The company just purchased 4-1/2 acres of additional land in East Franklin Township, which will house its trucks and allow for additional laboratory storage. CWM President David Kohl on Monday called it, “a support building for our operations.” The new building will be located on South Park Drive, not far from CWM’s existing facility at West Hills Industrial Park.

CWM was founded in 1985, and has a second location in Cleveland, in addition to the local facility. The company offers analytical testing and plant operations for municipalities’ water and sewage authorities. Their plans for an additional building comes after CWM landed a $4 million contract with the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA) in November. Since Dec. 1, CWM has added 14 employees to handle the increased workload that came with the contract.The new building may mean up to another dozen jobs.

Part of the expanded workload is not just because of the work required for PWSA, but the recognition the procurement of that contract has provided CWM. “The serendipitous result of this is we’re getting other authorities because of the exposure we’ve received,” Kohl said. Currently, CWM services 50 sewage and water plants between Pennsylvania and Ohio, and there are 230 facilities for which the company’s officials conduct analytics all told. Of all those, very little of CWM’s business comes from where the company makes its home.“Less than two percent of our revenue comes from (Armstrong County),” Kohl said. “We don’t do much of our work here. “We’re hoping to grow in Armstrong. We think our scope will save local municipalities money,” added Michael Rizzo, CWM’s director of marketing.

CWM sees a benefit for municipalities joining in a public-private partnership. Kohl says they help protect publicly owned sewage authorities from larger, private companies. “A lot of them don’t want to sell, but they can’t compete with larger companies,” Kohl said. “We give them an opportunity to compete.” Adding local authorities as clients is part of CWM’s, “rapid growth mode,” as Rizzo put it.

“We think we can aggressively grow and pick up local municipalities, and grow into other states, as well,” Rizzo said.

Part of this aggressive expansion is to potentially double the size of CWM, up to 200 employees, according to Rizzo, construct more facilities in the Western Pennsylvania region and become, “a national player.”

“Since we’ve been expanding, we’ve been getting more and more calls from outside the area,” Rizzo said. By the end of 2018, Kuhn said CWM will have to hire four-to-six more employees due to the company’s current workload, regardless of any plans for further expansion. “We have white collars and blue collars,” Rizzo said. “We’re a company that’s investing in the region.”

The article was written by Jon Andreassi is a staff reporter for the Leader Times. 

Thanks for a Great 2017

In 2017 CWM welcomed many new clients and employees. We signed an innovative laboratory management agreement with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, and provided needed services & cost saving solutions to over 100 municipalities through our public-private partnerships. Our in-house laboratories set many volume records, including conducting testing on over 50,000 water samples. We partnered with Armstrong Nutrition and developed services to help healthcare facilities manage the serious threat of legionella and other water-born diseases. While we continued to work towards our mission of protecting and enhancing the nation’s water resources for future generations.

We would like to thank our employees for their tremendous effort, and each of our clients for the opportunity to work with them. In 2018 we’ll continue to enhance our water & wastewater solutions to meet the ever changing needs of municipalities and industries. We look forward to serving you in 2018.

CWM Employees Donate to Orphans of the Storm.

In lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts this year, the employees of CWM Kittanning instead chose to raise money for Orphans of the Storm. We raised $1300 for Orphans of the Storm which is a no kill shelter for unwanted and abused animals. The check was presented by Tanya Hooks VP of Operations for CWM.

CWM Environmental & the PWSA Sign Laboratory Management Agreement

CWM Environmental Enters into a 2-Year Agreement with PWSA to Provide Laboratory Operation Management and Analytical Services.

Pittsburgh, PA: CWM Environmental an innovative full service water management company, announced today a two year agreement with the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA), to provide operations management and the services necessary to have the PWSA’s analytical testing lab certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

As part of the agreement CWM will embed a Lab Manager, Quality Control Manager, and Technical Lab Analysts at the PWSA’s analytical testing lab. CWM will work with the PWSA to conduct an internal audit of current operations and develop the standard operating procedures required by the Pennsylvania DEP and Federal, State, and local laws. CWM will assist in establishing, documenting, and providing the necessary training for the PWSA’s laboratory employees. CWM will also assist with the preparation of all required monthly, quarterly, and annual compliance reports.

The Authority will be able to leverage CWM’s operational expertise in laboratory management to streamline its operations and deliver compliant and accurate testing. This will allow the PWSA to conduct more in-house water tests, greatly enhancing the quality control process.

The relationship will help provide rapid water testing, compliance analysis, and real-time reporting, which is a major step forward to better ensure public safety. David Kohl CEO of CWM, says “Together we’ll be better able to monitor water quality throughout the entire distribution system”. According to Robert Weimar the PWSA’s interim executive director “CWM is the only firm that can provide the level & scope of services we (PWSA) require.”


About CWM – CWM Environmental is a diversified full service environmental firm specializing in water management, with laboratory locations in Greater Pittsburgh & Cleveland. CWM strives to improve water quality and enhance the environment, by servicing & managing the water & wastewater needs of municipalities & industries. CWM provides clients with technically reliable and legally defensible analytical testing, treatment plant operations, maintenance, sludge and dewatering solutions along with regulatory reporting and consultation. For over 30 years CWM has relied on its expertise and strong commitment to quality to provide our clients with straight forward analyses, industry leading turnaround times and excellent customer service.

About PWSA – The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is the largest combined water, sewer and stormwater authority in Pennsylvania, serving 300,000 consumers throughout the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.



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