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CWM Environmental of Cleveland is proud to announce its certification into the Ohio EPA Voluntary Action Program (VAP) for laboratories.  Please refer to our certificate for a list of certified analytes. 

CWM Laboratories was originally founded in 1985 with the sole purpose of handling water analysis requirements of the mining industry. Over the past 30 years we have diversified and now have two full-service environmental laboratories: CWM Kittanning holds a NELAP Accreditation through Pennsylvania DEP and CWM Cleveland holds certifications under Ohio EPA & Ohio Drinking Water. We consistently strive to provide stringent quality standards that ensure technically reliable and defensible data.

>> Our operators are certified and stay up-to-date with yearly courses from the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association (PRWA) to continue broadening their knowledge for every type of system.

>> Laboratory technitions strongly adhere to NELAP standards and most have Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science or related fields. 

>> Our trained field staff and operators can provide field measurements for temperature, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, pH, and specific conductivity.

>> CDL drivers hold current commercial licenses with tanker endorsement and keep exceptional driving records.

Why Choose Us

 In compliance with state and federal government regulatory standards, CWM Environmental provides full service sampling and analysis for Drinking Water and Wastewater.  For over 25 years, CWM has consistently provided stringent quality standards that ensure technically reliable and defensible data.  Operators at CWM are certified and supported by our in-house Pennsylvania NELAP laboratory or our Ohio EPA Laboratory. This ensures real-time data availability, supporting critical process control decisions.

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