Wastewater Operators & Circuit Riders

CWM Environmental provides extensive service experience in the operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities. We can provide temporary operators or circuit riders. We also can manage your wastewater operations through full time operators. Our licensed operators are supported by our in-house NELAP laboratory. This ensures real-time data availability supporting critical process control decisions. A fleet of the most current equipment also supports our operators including vacuum trucks, mobile belt presses and pumps. We are ready to commit crews of our operators and equipment to be dedicated to the immediate responses of the demands of your treatment facility.

We offer a circuit rider program which allows our certified operators to travel to multiple plants on a given day performing routine operations, maintenance, field tests, and sampling. The job of the circuit rider is to ensure plants are compliant with the state (NPDES permit). Visits to the plant depend on the amount of work involved, average flow, size of the plant, etc. Visits can happen multiple days per week or just once per week depending on the scope involved.

We work with over 200 municipal clients in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our operators and circuit riders can prepare Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) in accordance state and permits requirements. Our crew is able to assist with preventative maintenance and repair. CWM can also provide water & wastewater treatment consulting services, helping you identify long term solutions and cost savings. 

CWM Licensed Circuit Rider / Operator Visits can Include the Following Services:

  • Biological and/or physical-chemical treatment process monitoring for quality effluent treatment.
  • Preventative maintenance along with needed mechanical & electrical repairs.
  • Wastewater sampling and analysis.
  • Preparation of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) in accordance with state regulations and permits requirements.
  • Pump station maintenance.
  • System upgrades.
  • Inventory control.
  • Attendance at DEP and board meetings.

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