Wastewater & NPDES Testing, Sampling & Solutions

CWM offers comprehensive wastewater analysis, NPDES testing, and treatment solutions for municipal authorities, townships, boroughs, mobile home park associations, and other industrial facilities with their own treatment systems. We work with over 200 municipal clients in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and have extensive service experience in the operation of wastewater treatment facilities. We're a nation leader in partnering with cities, and are back by a two leading analytical labs. We can provide you with turn-key wastewater NPDES permit services, operations, and wastewater consulting solutions. 

Sampling & Collections - Our couriers can pickup and transfer samples to our lab for testing. We can assist with NPDES permit requirements, and Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) management. We also offer a Water Quality Assurance Service, that provides an important independent check on your system, and takes the regulatory burden to CWM. This service entails a licensed CWM operator collecting and transporting samples to one CWM’s certified labs, putting the chain of custody on CWM, and easing the regulatory burden on you. 

Maintenance Solutions - Our operators and technicians can preform routine system component checks include the comminutor/grinder, aeration, sludge return, surface skimmer, and flow and other data recorders. We will also ensure proper disinfection and chemical feed is being provided as required for optimal plant performance.  If your facility requires sludge removal or maintenance we have the equipment and experience crews capable of tackling any job. 

NPDES Testing - We have in the in-house capabilities through our Pennsylvania and Ohio labs to test your wastewater discharges. To meet your NPDES Permit's testing and sampling requirements. Our operators can perform process control testing including pH, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, flow, evaluation of solids, and other tests as needed in order to ensure proper plant operation under your site's NPDES permit. 
We'll use lab results from our own water analysis lab to make process control decisions at the plants for which they are responsible. Quick turn around and easy access to lab results are readily available for the circuit riders which helps ensure the plants they manage remain within limits.

Our Wastewater Testing Solutions Include:

  • Wastewater & NPDES Sampling, Testing & Analysis.
  • Leading Analytical Lab Services - We help everything from send-out testing to full service laboratory operations.
  • Wastewater Consulting - Including working with engineering firms to provide guidance and recommendations.
  • Preventative maintenance along with needed mechanical & electrical repairs
  • Preparation of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) in accordance with state regulations and permits requirements.

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