Water Treatment Consulting Services

At CWM Environmental we offer water treatment consulting services, temporary services and operator training for both Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Our diverse customer experience ranges from municipalities & townships, to engineering firms and industrial facilities. We assist in all aspects of water treatment that involve meeting current or new drinking water regulations. We currently work with over 200 municipalities, and can help save costs and facilitate custom solutions. Our on-site water treatability services are highly supportive in preparing for DEP water treatment plant filter performance evaluations by insuring that the processes are optimized.

Our Services include:

  • Temporary to Full Time Operators.
  • Water & Wastewater Training.
  • Periodic on-site water treatment plant visits.
  • Evaluation of water treatment processes (including chemical analyses).
  • Preparation and results reporting.
  • Water System Maintenance
  • Sludge Removal and Dewatering Solutions

Let Us Help Find Cost Effective Water & Wastewater Solutions for You.
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Our temp services help your plant when you are between hiring, need an extra hand or an employee is out for medical reasons.We can also assist employees with training while they are undergoing certification.
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