Water & Wastewater Treatment

CWM offers comprehensive wastewater treatment and operations for municipal authorities, townships, boroughs, mobile home park associations, and other industrial facilities with their own treatment system (industrial waste, pre-treatment, etc.).

  • We offer a circuit rider program which allows our certified operators to travel to multiple plants on a given day performing routine operations, maintenance, field tests, and sampling. The job of the circuit rider is to ensure plants are compliant with the state (NPDES permit). Visits to the plant depend on the amount of work involved, average flow, size of the plant, etc. Visits can happen multiple days per week or just once per week depending on the scope involved.
  • Our operators will perform process control testing including pH, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, flow, evaluation of solids, and other tests as needed in order to ensure proper plant operation under your sites permit. Routine system component checks include the comminutor/grinder, aeration, sludge return, surface skimmer, and flow and other data recorders. We will also ensure proper disinfection and chemical feed is being provided as required for optimal plant performance.
  • Our clients expect that the plants we manage stay within compliance and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously. In the event of equipment failure or biological upset of the treatment process, the CWM operator will contact plant personnel and make necessary adjustments and/or repairs to bring your wastewater plant back into compliance with your NPDES permit. 
  • Our operators are able to use lab results from our own water analysis labs to make process control decisions at the plants for which they are responsible. Quick turn around and easy access to lab results are readily available for the circuit riders which helps ensure the plants they manage remain within limits.
  • If a CWM operator is not able to fix a problem that has been diagnosed, a maintenance group can aid the operator to make sure that any and all issues are diagnosed, treated and solved properly.

Obtain additional information on our Circuit Rider program, or help with streamlining your waste water operations

The circuit rider program is just one of the ways that we can help manage all your wastewater treatment needs.