Top 5 Reasons To Test Your Water

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Water is a flowing, ever changing substance. Just because your water tastes great one minute, doesn’t ensure it will be the next time you have a drink. Old pipes, system failures, and changes in environmental practices can all lead to changes in your water supply.  While this can be noticeable by color changes, particle flecks, smell, or taste- testing can determine the exact concentration of the pollutant so that you can find the best solution to the problem.

So, is your water safe?  All of these reasons can be a bit shocking.  Since water is something we use every day, and often take for granted, the thought of testing your water may have never even crossed your mind.   Once you decide to have your water tested, how often does it need tested and what does it need tested for?  While annual testing is recommended, depending on your home's geographic factors, other testing may be needed. 
To better understand what is right for you, visit our page on when to have your water tested.

While we all hope that the water we are consuming is healthy, there are chances your water analysis could be positive for any of these pollutants.  If your tests conclude positive results, there are steps you can take to correct the issue or further analytical tests you can schedule to ensure your safety.  

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