Water Quality Assurance

CWM offers turn-key water & wastewater solutions to help municipalities ensure compliant testing and public safety.

Flint Michigan has made water quality a national topic, and the water crisis there has brought to light the challenges many municipal water systems face. There are currently over 160,000 public water system in the country, and each faces a unique challenge of ensuring quality drinking water, while working within mostly stringent municipal budgets.

CWM has been a leader in innovate public-private partnerships, has turnkey solutions for municipal water distribution and sewage systems. We can help with cost friendly and time saving solutions that ease the regulatory burden on your municipalities. We call the service “Water Quality Assurance” and it’s a service we’ve refined by working with over 200 municipalities. These services entail a licensed CWM operator collecting and transporting samples to one of CWM’s certified labs, where our certified technicians conduct testing. These processes can be conducted for either a water distribution system, or a sewage discharge network, and shifts some of the regulatory aspects from the municipality to CWM. The turn-key services should also help remove constraints and free up manpower for the individual systems.

How this service benefits municipal systems & their customers:

  • We provide an important independent check on your system.
  • Qualified Licensed Operators collect and transport samples.
  • The chain of custody is owned by CWM.
  • Our experience laboratory teams are able to diagnose issues & identify solutions.

Our “Water Quality Assurance” Service can be Customized to Meet Your Municipality’s Needs.
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We will assist you at whatever level you need in creating forms such as 4-Log Compliance Monitoring, Operation Evaluation Level (OEL), Consumer Confidence Reports, or Chapter 110.
If your drinking water treatment plant or consecutive system is in need of analytical testing, licensed operation or consulting services
CWM also offers a wide array of additional services to meet your drinking water testing needs. Adding to your accountability as clients and state regulations, we offer testing of:
non-routine samples to ensure proper plant operation and safe drinking water.
microbiological analyses, and Microbiological Suitability testing of your reagent water if you operate your own in-house micro laboratory.