Legionella Water Testing Solutions

Legionella cases are on the rise across the county. CWM is a leader in Legionella testing and can develop customized & comprehensive Water Management Plans for Legionella. We offer cost effective NELAP and ELITE accredited Legionella testing. We work with clients across the USA, in all industries including healthcare, nursing homes, schools, government facilities, airports, hotels & resorts. CWM can also review the facility's water systems, and identify high risk areas & control measures. We also can set-up an ongoing Legionella testing plan to ensure your facility's safety.

CWM can test or sample for Legionella anywhere in the USA. Our team can turn around results quickly and can be on site to help. Our Cleveland lab conducts hundreds of Legionella tests, and works with some of the largest healthcare organizations. We can help your facility with an array of Legionella and water testing services.  

CWM is a leader in Legionella programs for Healthcare Facilities. We've partnered with Armstrong Nutrition to assist healthcare facilities in developing Legionella water management plans & set-up ongoing testing. Go Here to learn more about Legionella solutions for healthcare facilities.

CWM is a diversified full service firm specializing in analytical and regulatory reporting services for the water industry, providing clients with technically reliable and legally defensible analytical testing. CWM operates two analytical testing labs, and can work with clients across the United States. 

CWM has Legionella Testing Solutions for:

  • Healthcare Facilities and Long Term Care Centers.
  • Schools & Universities. 
  • Public Facilities: Airports, Governmental Buildings, Recreational Facilities.
  • Hospitality Facilities, Hotels & Resorts. 

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We can also provide assistance with writing and submitting permit applications, renewals, or revisions whether it would be to perform all necessary tasks on behalf of the client or to assist clients with the process.
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