Legionella Water Management Plans & Testing Solutions

CWM helps healthcare facilities stay compliant, by planing and testing for Legionella. Legionella is a growing concern for long term care communities, often due to the susceptibility of the resident population, water temperatures, the age of the building, and the fluctuation of occupied areas, conditions can be optimal for amplification of Legionella bacteria that can infect susceptible residents leading to Legionnaire’s Disease. We develop customized & comprehensive Water Management Plans with detailed documentation, and recommended actions. We have the in-house capabilities to test for legionella, and advance knowledge of water system and treatment.

The Department of Health & Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) now requires Medicare certified healthcare facilities have a water management plan to reduce risks associated with Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. A Water Management Plan for Legionella is a risk assessment, designed to better ensure the safety of your residents and to keep your facility compliant.

CWM has partnered with Armstrong Nutrition, a Clinical Nutrition Management firm to assist healthcare facilities in developing legionella water management plans. The partnership provides access to water management experts, and gives us the ability to set-up annual water tests. We work with healthcare facilities across the US, and provide industry leading services and testing solutions. 

CWM operates two analytical testing labs, with locations in Greater Pittsburgh & Cleveland. CWM is a diversified full service firm specializing in analytical and regulatory reporting services for the Water industry, providing clients with technically reliable and legally defensible analytical testing.

CWM Helps Healthcare Facilities:

  • Review water plans against a series of components, that state surveyors look for in an acceptable plan.
  • Identify high risk areas & control measures.
  • Review the facility's water systems, and create a water flow map.
  • Set-up an ongoing legionella testing plan to ensure your facility safety.

We'll Develop A Customized & Comprehensive Legionella Water Management Plan For Your Facility
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We can also provide assistance with writing and submitting permit applications, renewals, or revisions whether it would be to perform all necessary tasks on behalf of the client or to assist clients with the process.
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