Commercial Water Testing & Analytical Lab Services

CWM Environmental can provide all of your commercial water testing and analytical needs in our NELAP-Accredited Laboratory. We can facilitate your NPDES Permit testing & NPDES Sampling requirements. We conduct testing on organics, metals, wet chemistry, and microbiology. We'll work closely with you in providing timely, accurate and reliable analytical results with a typical turnaround times. Our quality standards ensure you'll receive technically defensible and reliable data on a consistent basis.

Our trained field staff and operators can provide field measurements for temperature, residual chlorine, dissolved oxygen, pH, and specific conductivity, based on your sites permit. All of our operators collect and return samples to our laboratory within hold times to ensure analysis is done in a timely manner. The results from the analysis are then released to Client Connect for immediate customer availability.

CWM offers a full array of turn-key commercial laboratory services to meet your analytical testing needs:

  • Our lab can test for a variety of metals, organics, inogranics, BODs & soils. 
  • We're a one stop shop for NPDES Permit testing requirements. 
  • We provide assistance with writing and submitting permit applications, renewals or revisions.
  • We offer NPDES compliance monitoring, along with water & wastewater consulting.
  • We provide full service sampling and courier services. 
  • CWM offers exceptional customer service, that can help your business understand its lab results, and find solutions. 

We Can Help Your Business with all of its Analytical Testing Needs & Requirements.
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We can also provide assistance with writing and submitting permit applications, renewals, or revisions whether it would be to perform all necessary tasks on behalf of the client or to assist clients with the process.
If you are in need of analysis, licensed operation, consulting services or maintenance by a PaDEP accredited laboratory,