About Us

CWM Environmental is a diversified full service environmental firm specializing in the water management industry. We strive to improve water quality and enhance the environment, by servicing & managing the water & wastewater needs of municipalities & industries. Our core services include, analytical lab services, wastewater operations, sludge & septic projects, and water testing. We work with clients from municipalities, engineering firms, and both the commercial and residential sectors.

For over 30 years we have relied on our expertise & firm standards to provide our clients with the highest quality of service. Our professional staff, our two locations (Cleveland and greater Pittsburgh area), our combined 55 years of experience in the water management industry, and our state of the art equipment enable us to accomplish the most complex projects.

CWM is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Accredited Environmental Laboratories (PAAEL) and our laboratories are NELAP & VAP certified. CWM Cleveland holds certs under the Ohio EPA & Ohio Division of Drinking Water and CWM Kittanning has accreditation through the Pennsylvania DEP.   We have the expertise & solutions to keep your water & systems safe, compliant, and operating efficiently.

Our Story

CWM Environmental was originally founded in 1985 in Kittanning Pa, with the purpose of handling the water analysis requirements of the mining industry. David Kohl the current owner and president of CWM, was part of the small group from W.D. Mohney & Associates who founded and worked in the lab. In 1987 Dave left CWM to join Abbott Labs, but returned in 1994 and purchased the 3 person lab. CWM functioned as small lab focusing on the mining industry until 1999.

In 1999, Dave took an active role in managing the lab, and in the spring of 1999 he repositioned the focus from mining to municipal water & wastewater. With its commitment to improving water quality CWM steadily grew. In 2002, to handle the growing environmental needs of municipal & industrial clients CWM moved into a new and larger building outside of Kittanning. In the first decade of the 2000s, CWM made a series of small acquisitions, including Aquatech, Duquesne Power, and Staley Water.

By 2010 CWM had grown into a regional footprint, and in October of that year, purchased D-Squared, an acquisition that allowed it expand its operational services. In 2014 CWM completed the acquisition of Precision Analytical (Now CWM Cleveland), increasing its presence in Ohio. In 2016 CWM continued to expand and moved into a new laboratory & headquarters in West Hills, Pa, later that year it acquired Clarion based Stewart Labs.

In the fall of 2017 CWM entered into a multi-year laboratory operational agreement with the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, growing its status as a leading water and wastewater company. Currently, CWM has close to 100 employees and works with over 200 municipalities, conducting testing on over 50,000 water samples annually.

In the News

CWM Employees Donate to Orphans of the Storm - In lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts this year, the employees of CWM Kittanning instead chose to raise money for Orphans of the Storm. Learn more.

CWM Continues to Expand - CWM Environmental located in West Hills Industrial Park in East Franklin Township, recently purchased an additional 4-1/2 acres of land in order to construct another building. Read the story.

CWM & PWSA Laboratory Management -  CWM Environmental has entered into a two year agreement with the Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA), to provide laboratory operation management and analytical services. Learn more about this unique public private partnership.

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