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Water and Wastewater Sampling and Analysis

In compliance with state and federal government regulatory standards, CWM Environmental provides full service sampling and analysis for water and wastewater.
For over 25 years, CWM has consistently provided stringent quality standards that ensure technically reliable and defensible data.
Operators at CWM Environmental are certified and supported by our in-house NELAP laboratory.  This ensures real-time data availability, supporting critical process control decisions.  If you need water and wastewater sampling, analysis, or operations, contact CWM Today!

Now Available

CWM is proud to be partnering with 120WaterAudit, a
simplified way to test your home's water!

Access Your Lab Result

Contact Us at 724-543-3011 to be assigned proprietary account access information, including password and log-in instructions that will allow you to access your lab results, invoices and COC's through MY CWM LAB.


How We Serve

All of our operators collect and return samples to the CWM labs within hold times to ensure analysis is done in a timely manner. 
The results from the analysis; which is specific to each sites permit, is then released to the customer via  
Our top notch customer service team monitors results and informs the operator if there are any results that are violating permit requirements.  
If there is a violation, the operator will then be able to collect more samples and make the necessary adjustments to bring the plant back into compliance.  
During this entire process, the CWM staff will communicate with the client on a regular basis to make sure that everyone is up to speed on what is being done to get the plant back into compliance as quickly as possible.

At CWM, we strive to provide quality data and
       services in a timely manner, while being
              professional and courteous.